Welcome to my little Lohman & Barkley shrine
The purpose of this page is to introduce the Lohman & Barkley radio team to those who have never heard them, and to refresh the memories of those who heard them during their drive to work, or other weekday morning activities.
They graced the Los Anegles airwaves for 30+ years, and breifly had their own TV show. According to reelradio.com they were on KLAC and KFWB as well as KFI. I only had the privlage of listening to them from around 1977-1986. At that time they were on KFI and had been the #1 drive time program for quite a while.
Who were these kings of morning drivetime radio in LA? The team consisted of Roger Barkley and Al Lohman. Roger Barkley was the straight man and the glue that kept things on track. Al Lohman was the nut who, over the years, invented and maintained over 50 different charactors with varied personalities and voices. Most of these were very broad and over the top charictorizations which would have gotten the team in big trouble in these politically correct times.
Their KFI show was a top 40 music format with news, weather and traffic reports (you know how important traffic reports are in LA). In between songs, news and commercials, many done in their own hilarious fashion, they talked about the various topics of the day.
The patter between them was at times hilarious with or without the many personalities created by Al Lohman. It was, according to the them, rarely discussed or planned, completely off the cuff. The only thing that was discussed was what was going to happen on the long running Light Of My Life soap opera. Even then it was a framework and not a script. But that framework was frequently jettisoned if something better occurred to either partner midstream. Many times during Light of My Life or one of the commercials Roger Barkley was unable to keep from laughing at some of Al Lohman's antics.
I have been unable to find much detailed information on these guys. I've got a number of audio tapes of programs from the early 80's programs. Many of them were recorded during the '84 olympics in Los Angeles. Others duing the 1980 elections.
It's difficult to find information about this duo, and even more difficult to find audio from them. I've posted a few snippets from some of these recordings to give the uninitiated a taste of this comic duo. In addition you can check out Reel Radio, but I've been unable to get the audio links to play.
Roger Barkley
Al Lohman
Roger Barkley
KIMN [Denver] 1959
KLAC [LA] 1961
KFWB [LA] 1967
KFI [LA] 1968
KJOI [LA] 1986
KABC [LA] 1990
Roger Barkley passed away December 21, 1997 (pancreatic cancer)
Al Lohman
KIMN [Denver] 1958 - Al Lohman Jr.
WABC [New York] 1959
KLAC [LA] 1962
KFWB [LA] 1967
KFI [LA] 1968
KRLA [LA] 1986
KWNK [Simi Valley CA] 1987
KFI [LA] 1987
KCMJ [Palm Springs CA] 1991-2002
Al Lohman Jr. died Oct 14, 2002 of stomach and bladder cancer. He was 69.
A few snippets of the Lohman and Barkley program from my small collection of taped shows.
Coming out of songs:
From a Lionel Ritchie song.
A not so politically correct, from Culture Club
Ted J. Bolongna, is one of the main cast members:
Ted burns his Human Interest files
Ted's TJBJ Radio Network - At work? When does the Olympics start? Princes Di is Anorexic
An attempt to do a commercial and a typical Lohman and Barkley contest:
Comments on Rodger's nose while attempting a Midas commercial We're taking something.